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Business Application

Below is the list of services we offer to tech start-ups. Depending on which stage you are at, we recommend the right place to start.

Idea Validation

This is a common problem with many apprenuers. They go with their gut and jump straight into implementation before proper validation of their idea. Before getting into implementing or even thinking about details of your app, you should ask yourself the following questions. What is the problem or user pain point that your idea/app is trying to solve? Is there enough userbase with this problem that will enable you to monetise the app? Is it a large audience or niche audience? What is the revenue model of your app? Free app vs Paid app vs Freemium What is the one thing your app stand for? A one line vision of your app.These are some of the important questions you need to answer before moving ahead with your idea. We can help you validate your idea by research, brainstorm, expert consultations, user surveys, etc.

We can help you answer all these questions and provide you with a scope document for the app and sketches for the main pages. You can use these documents to get a precise quote from any app development company in the world.


Vendor Selection and Project Management

As a start-up, you have limited funds. You can experiment anything but your technology service provider because it is equivalent to burning your money. The skills required to build a gaming app is totally different from skills required to build a business app. What technology is right for your project? Which service providers specialise in that technology? And if the vendor is offshore, how do you visit them or verify them? What kind of domain/background knowledge is required?

With our wide network of specialist service providers and our long experience of working with them, we can identify the ideal service provider for your project in no time.

Product Marketing

It's not over after your launch your app. You can't just put your app out there and expect it to go viral. If it happens you are lucky but you should have a clear marketing plan. We can help you implement your marketing activities by building a promo website, running a SEO/display ads campaign, social media marketing, etc.

We offer a 1 hour free consultation where we can discuss your idea after signing a non-disclosure to see which stage you are in and how we can help you in your journey. We work with people who are really passionate about their idea and we use this opportunity to make sure we are a fit for each other.