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Our Approach

Strategy and Scoping: Using our specialist team of procurement consultants, we quickly identify the 'As-Is' Situation for the in-scope spend categories such that we understand the What, Where, Who and How of each category. We consider the 'Hard' facts of price, spend and contractual data; but equally as important we consider the 'Soft' aspects of emotional attachment to suppliers and the appetite for change in the client organisation, garnered through interviews with key stakeholders. We then develop a vision of the 'To-Be' Model for each category that will unlock significant value for the client and set out a roadmap of how this is to be achieved in a clear 'Approach Strategy' by category. The Approach Strategy outlines supply chain solutions that meet or exceed the clients' business requirements whilst delivering substantial Cost Base Reduction ('CBR'), summarised in a CBR Plan.

Delivery and Benefits Tracking: The key component of the procurement services we offer is the delivery of CBR opportunities identified in the Scoping Phase. With over 10 years' experience of running CBR Delivery Projects, Procure4 has a deep understanding of the 'Inevitable Challenges' which enables us to put in place the right governance, financial rigour, stakeholder engagement and robust implementation planning that will maximise the chances of project success.


Sustainability and Continuous Improvement: As the new supply chain solutions are being implemented, Procure4 works with its clients to ensure that the benefits that have been identified are being tracked and captured against company P&L's. Moreover, we ensure that reporting processes are in place such that any non-compliance to contractual commitments (for example, obligations in respect of productivity or continuous improvement) are flagged rapidly to the client.