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Zarina Salam Memorial Trust

About The Zarina Salam Memorial Trust (ZSMT)

Zarina Salam Memorial Trust (ZSMT) is an initiative of the honorable Chairman of Drins Tech Ltd. to serve the rural people in Bangladesh. The TRUST provides health services to people with low-income and also advise and treat people who are in need of help. Zarina Salam Memorial Trust is comprised of a variety of resources dedicated to provide benefits to individuals and organizations who seek help regarding medical services. The TRUST emphasizes on providing medical services to women, children and the elderly and organizations, such as a charity or other non-profit organization. Zarina Salam Memorial Trust was established in January 2011.

People are benefited by Zarina Salam Memorial Trust are rural people. They live day to day and in most cases, they are unable to bear the expenses to visit and get proper medical care from doctor. And here Zarina Salam Memorial Trust helps people to get medical services without any expenses.

People in rural area have less facilities and access than urban for medical services and health care in terms of so many factors. Zarina Salam Memorial Trust is dedicated to identify those factors, health problems and initiates proper actions to provide support to the people needs and raise awareness for hygiene health.


The Zarina Salam Memorial Trust will inspire and enable rural people to meet community needs and helps to build a better, stronger and more influential society.

And Zarina Salam Memorial Trust has vision to provide online medical services through telemedicine system which will make medical services available consistently to the rural people in any case. People will not need further to go distance to get better services. It will save both time and money.


The mission of The Zarina Salam Memorial Trust Foundation is to strengthen the society by working and expanding self-funding.