Operations Management System

fomsFull Operations Management System (FOMS) caters to the manufacturing needs of each individual business, providing a personalized and comprehensive solution capable of understanding and effectively managing each company’s particular production facility. Your organization can be beneficiary using FOMS.

We believe that the Full Operations Management System will automate the operation to increase production, accountability and most importantly will reduce operational and system losses. In this sense this software will ultimately pay of itself with its running costs.


Main Benefits

  • Precise and thorough control of all production processes to maximize volume and profits for each item – by department and by the whole enterprise
  • Production tracking and exception reporting
  • Reduction of production lead-times
  • Quality improvement by better managing material usage.
  • Reduction of waste with accurate process standards and monitoring activities
  • Accurate management of external processes, including in-transit shipping, sub contracted processes, and price lists for commissioned activities
  • Tracking the inventory
  • Tracking the external processing
  • Job costing


Production Transactions

  • Accurate tracks of all issues and receipts across all phases of production
  • Support of inter-company transfers, to / from outside sub-contractors, with associated lead–times
  • Automatic back-flash management by production progress or end product stock entries.


External Operations

  • Visibility into outside sub-contractors with warehouse transactions to / from.
  • Accurate calculation of surcharges and discounts, based on price lists
  • Tracks of production by batch, piece, location…



Technical Benefit:

  • Import and load all your data formats
  • High degree of standardization
  • Easily create your own interfaces and functions
  • Leverage your existing data model
  • Use advanced development patterns
  • Easily extend your platform


Core Modules:

1)      Purchase

2)      Stock

3)      Production

4)      Sales

5)      Party Management (RCRM)

6)      HR & Payroll Management

7)      Accounts


Cost of FOMS

Generally, the cost of FOMS Software varies for different functions and features. Please Contact Us for Details Information or Request for an ERP Software Quote. You can also contact Us Directly via info@drinstech.com or Call Us +88 01611 844 844.