About Us

We are a group of web designers, software engineers, web developers, and web application specialists passionate about making SOFTWARE and DATABASE. Our goal is to provide the best, innovative, unique creative software solutions and/or data services to our valued customers.

Getting great software and/or great data service(s) out to users is the single goal that drives us. Our mix of skills and talent means we have everything to meet that goal in one place. Design, service development, testing, deployment, and anything in between those clearly defined roles – we cover it all.

Both in software development and design work we solely believe that affordability should never be made to force a compromise in quality. We can promise quality with affordability. We also believe that one should always listen to what the customer wants. We take what our customer says very seriously and all our efforts are directed at getting our understanding of those customer needs implemented and exercised properly in professional way.

Mountain View

Mountain View


  • We first listen to what client thinks about the product/service.
  • We refine and maximize the availability of the idea of our valued clients through brainstorming sessions
  • After that, we build scope management plan, suggest deliverables, estimate budgets and deadlines.
  • Adding to that, we design product architecture, database schema, application work flow and UI design
  • Prior to it, we further move with development and implementation of the product
  • After development, we maintain functional usability, monitor performance, ensure security and cross functional testing.
  • In the last phase, we deliver the final product, get approval and help client to launch the application.

Mountain View


The overall management of DRINS TECH resets on a Board of Management. All the Directors and General Managers under Board of Management have proven qualification and experience with high level of management capabilities.

The management is familiar with the relevant development sectors of national and international levels. The Board of Management convenes regularly to discuss policy issues, project management and future course of activities. Moreover, each and every Director/General Manager meets regularly with the senior division professionals in order to identify and remove bottlenecks of the Department and discuss status of different on-going projects and other relevant issues.DRINS TECH management provides backstopping services to the projects including Quality Assurance, Contractual Negotiations, Financial Management, Database Development, Report Generation and many more.




DRINS TECH LIMITED – Executive Management Personnel
General Manager – Head of Operation
Engr. ABM Hasan
Manager IT
GMM Badiuzzaman Sarker



DRINS TECH form a coordinated team to use the advanced technical resources available to them, thus ensuring that projects of whatever nature are studied, designed and developed which best suit the requirements of the clients and incorporate the most up-to-date technology and method available at that time.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

Zarina Salam Memorial Trust

 Zarina Salam Memorial Trust (ZSMT) is an initiative of the honorable Chairman of Drins Tech Ltd. to serve the rural people in Bangladesh. The TRUST provides health services to people with low-income and also advise and treat people who are in need of help. Zarina Salam Memorial Trust is comprised of a variety of resources dedicated to provide benefits to individuals and organizations who seek help regarding medical services. The TRUST emphasizes on providing medical services to women, children and the elderly and organizations, such as a charity or other non-profit organization. Zarina Salam Memorial Trust was established in January 2011.

People are benefited by Zarina Salam Memorial Trust are rural people. They live day to day and in most cases, they are unable to bear the expenses to visit and get proper medical care from doctor. And here Zarina Salam Memorial Trust helps people to get medical services without any expenses.

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